Why Marks Matter

Trademarks represent the sweat equity and goodwill you’ve built into your products or services, even your entire business. They distinguish your goods and services from those of your competition, allowing consumers to choose you instead of someone else. In essence, your marks are you.

Without the protection of a federally registered trademark, your brand or business sits at greater risk of unfair competition from far-flung operators ranging from simple businesspeople unaware of your mark to unscrupulous counterfeiters eager to sponge off your success.

Registering your marks with the USPTO protects the unique identity of your brand by:

  • Excluding competitors nationwide from using the same or confusingly similar business or brand name
  • Shielding brand image from dilution in the market
  • Aiding advertising campaigns before they launch
  • Providing special rights against counterfeiters
  • Improving the effectiveness of re-branding exercises
  • Affording longer-lasting legal protection for logos than copyright

Marks matter. Protect yours.

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